A Brief Understanding of History of Jewelry

It is in the instinct of human beings to decorate them and its proof is there in the pages of history when they were wearing jewelry from bones of animals, teeth of predators, and feathers of bird’s especially wild birds. They were very fond of wearing shells that were often collected from the shores of the sea.

History of Jewelry

History of jewelry for different civilizations was different. The jewelry artisans of different cultures used to design jewelry matching with their cultures and according to social values of a particular nation. Our ancestors have been living in the caves since 75,000 years ago and since that time wearing jewelry was their hobby.

Today in the fashion animal jewelry is replaced with the metal jewelry. Different types of natural and artificial gemstones are used in the metals for personal adornment. The company of nature in fashion industry has been with us and human beings have been enjoying with it in every age and civilization for thousands of years. In history Romans and Egyptians have done a lot of work in discovering precious artifacts that was crafted very carefully into very astonishing ornaments that can be a cause of attention and attraction for everyone that gaze it.

Before the modern age jewelry was only worn by the wealthy society members, kings, and emperors to prove them as a symbol of wealth and power. Common society members like us had no affording power to purchase metal jewelry such as gold that was reserved only for elite class of the society. Royalties with use to select birthstone matching with their date of birth and use to embed them in the metal ornaments. Aries birthstone color was only dedicated for Royal people having date of birth in March and April. They are supposed to get mental tranquility by wearing Aries Birthstoneand only some of them had knowledge of aries birthstone meaning. It means that jewelry was source to show off wealth and power.

Current Era and Jewelry

In the current age everything is different from the past, today a common society member like us can easily purchase jewelry items. Types of jewelries are the same as were in the past but causes of wearing jewelries have changed.

Is there any logical ideas working behind the wearing of jewelries?

For some men and women wearing jewelry is a daily routine work and its part of their life. They purchase jewelry as they purchase cloth and shoes for them. In most of cases, matching jewelry items are purchased only for personal contentment and uniqueness.

Here is a question why people across the world spend thousands of dollars for purchase of jewelry items? Here we want to explore some reasons of wearing jewelry?

Relationship Development and Belonging

First cause of spending a lot of money on jewelry products is to attract the opposite sex. This is reality that is not working from today but from very first day of human history. In our society jewelry is used to present your inner feelings in the form of gift.

On special days of your life like birthday, anniversary etc. jewelry gifts are used to show your love and affection in relations to whom you consider special one.

Showing Respect and Admiration

No doubt giving a gift is amazing act and it develops a strong bond of relation between you and the person to whom you dish up this costly gift. Sometimes you select the same piece of jewelry for yourself. Doing so can develop a level of great respect in other’s mind.

Wearing jewelry not only enhances your personality effects but also develop a level of confidence in your personality that raises your respect level in the society.



An Overview of Handmade Jewelry

From the very beginning of the life men and women used to wear jewelry with the intention to decorate their bodies to make themselves prominent among the folks. For this purpose they used to make the hand made jewelry like garlands of flowers, grass bracelets,shells and stones that were used from the very early history of human decoration. National Geography has broad costed in its report that history of human wearing jewelry is 75,000 years old.

If we peep into the pages of history , we can easily conclude that the evaluation of jewelry is similar with the evaluation of human civilizations. This transformation is from Stone to Brozone age , from Iron to Industrial Revolution age and in this period old styles are changed into new ones.

In the current era, all types of jewelry are prepared with the advance machines. Jewelers are allowed to create uniform designs without any hesitation that are more economical and cheap than the hand made jewelry. Today casting machines are very fast in making metallic and plastic designs. Moreover, these machines are very quick in producing complex design with uniform speed. With the introduction of mechanical punch presses, jewelry industry has got a new life in the market and this technology has assured the industry quick and smooth production of highly profitable products.

With the modern trends demand of jewelry has also altered accordingly and jewelry artisans has adopted the modern techniques and introduced the new designs of jewelry for the recognition of their talent and to show improved sales. Today the most prominent Malls of the world that have jewelry department —now feature the incremental array of handmade jewelry. With the introduction of internet, the jewelry artisans across the world are selling their products and designs through internet as a tool.

There are some realities that have deep concern with the handmade jewelry that are given below

First of all it is admitted fact that in handmade jewelry there is no role of machines, and the whole jewelry is crafted with hands. In formation of handmade jewelry, simple and old tools for preparation of wide range of jewelry products are used. A handmade ornament made by different artisans has its uniqueness in formation and dissimilarity in similar products. In these specific fashion products, you can see reflection of cultural and historical meaning. A lot of dedication with deep consideration is basic demand for creative handmade jewelry that can give big name to a designer.

No doubt the optimization and creativity in homemade jewelry comes on surface with the increased experience and dedication. Moreover, we have already explained. It is not difficult to examine examine different components of jewelry with deep concentration. During examination of Jewelry , you will see that machine made ornaments have high level finishing touch as compared to the handmade components. Experiments have shown that machine made jewelry can be easily broken as compared to the handmade jewelry.

I always recommend handmade jewelry as its design are unique and can’t be available in all jewelry stores. It is the gift of cognitive and creative skill of an experienced person.

Birthstones play a vital role in jewelry. In case of handmade jewelry you can give your own design idea and can give advice to cut the stone according to your choice. If you are owner of libra birthstone , you have open option to select the various colors from libra birthstone color and can have ornaments of your choice.


Stunning and Heart touching Designs of Silpada Jewelry 2015

Expert artisans and designers with vast imagination combine their best of efforts to come up with Silpada jewelry pieces that do not find their match in the world of women’s precious accessories. Made of pure sterling silver these master pieces of art and skill keep their shine and grace with the passage of time and never get tarnished or even look old fashion. Since the commencement of the company the entire collection of these fantastic jewelry items have been on top of the other productions in the market. Every season and coming year adds in the variety another huge number of exclusive jewelry pieces that just keep you wondering as which one to select and which one to leave.

What keeps the Silpada jewelry Collection Apart from the Rest

It is the captivating bracelets and rings that entangle your heart and don’t part your imagination until you adorn your fingers and wrists richly with them. Other girls find the necklaces more appealing than anything else. Whether it is a pendant in a chain or a string of beautifully combined gemstones and little silver beads, each has its own glamour. This is the versatility of Silpada jewelry which gives it an edge over the other ornaments manufactured with sterling silver. Above these facts there is another factor that has the main role in the uniqueness of Silpada products – they are handmade.

What is Added Each Year in the Collection

The combined efforts of artisans and designers are all focused on high end creation of the jewelry which meets the highest standards of quality both in color, shape, shine, gemstones, design and above all trends. These features are fully found in every new addition and efforts are spent by the means of technology, skill, experience, knowledge etc. to add every year more and more innovation through impeccable craftsmanship.

Expectations for the Year 2015

Settling on certain designs does never take place in a few hours or even in a day or night with Silpada jewelry. Special conferences are arranged which are attended by the world’s renowned artisans and jewelry designers to offer highly artistic and unprecedented designs that perfectly match with the taste of girls and go with the overall rends of the day. Therefore, the year 2015 which is marked with gemstones in the jewelry and hefty designs in sterling silver, copper, gold, nickel etc jewelry products, Silpada is offering bold jewelry items for girls. You find in the market heavy necklaces, intricate but huge bracelets, bold earrings, chunky rings and big cuffs made of both only sterling silver or embedded with gemstones for the year 2015.

Another feature that is prominent in the 2015 designs of Silpada jewelry is the combination of a number of jewelry pieces for wearing at the same time. You be prepared to have three to four necklaces, five to six bracelets and as many rings as the knuckles of your fingers can feel comfortable with. You can have the real excitement of wearing jewelry with silpada products this year. So, look for a huge collection of new ornaments that are hitting the jewelry stores to add into your jewelry box and enjoy the new year with a new look of you.


Buying Womens Clothing at Good Price

You are sitting in front of your computer and you’re surfing since last three hours. First of all you should know the purpose of surfing. As it will be very helpful for you to select a website that sells trendy women clothing if you have pure intention to buy such clothes. Either your shopping is online or offline research plays vital role. The websites or stores that you have selected must meet all of your requirements within your budget.

If you are with intention to buy clothes for the personality that is a women or a girl, you should think like that gender. But here you have lost all gift ideas or not making mind what to buy, keep in mind that women round the world are fond of accessories

In the list of accessories you can include jewelry and hair items without excluding shoes. Shoes are the items that are bought by all women round the world as well as including women of all ages. In clothing scarves are the accessories that you can buy online. Popularity level of scarves is very high than socks but you have to purchase socks once in a week

Women are very famous to truly love with dresses, slacks or pants and sweaters. Dresses are considered as the weakness of women excluding the geographical location and weather either it hot or cold. If you think about the fashion world of women clothing we will sure talk about Chiffon gowns, halter top dresses and fancy ball gowns.

Whenever you want to shop clothes, never compromise on quality and you can find high quality in your local market as well on online shopping marts. For online shopping spend your hard earned money at only those sites that have good reputation ignoring all those that are newly introduced. For winter stuff there will be long list of online shopping marts but your have to be much careful before purchasing.

Winter clothing and apparels are always available in variety of styles. In clod season women always demand sweaters as these are popular among all ages of women. Sweater of all fabric are in front of you can be your wearing if you have enough money in your pocket.

Today women of middle age and girls insist to have hooded sweaters as they have a lot of variety of styles with durable material with modern fashion trends. Hoods are too popular as they keep warm the women in raining season and develop surviving power in harsh winds of clod seasons.

If you’re too much traditional never forget to visit Culture Clothing Stores that is a quality on line clothing store.


The Best Hair Salon

According to our research Fantastic Sams is one of the best Salons of the world. Today it is at high rank in the world because of its performance and qualified staff. Today it is running with 1200 salons in the America but its start is 38 years old. Sam Ross is person who has introduced it in 1974. Because of its popularity, it started franchising from 1976.

Any one in the U.S can have Fantastic Sams franchise by full filling the requirements of the company. It is not condition to own Fantastic Sams franchise to be a technical person but company always demands for qualified staff to run a franchise.

Fantastic Sams is in the market with mission to provide a good look. It dish up a lot of services like Short Haircut,long haircuts, hair coloring, highlights and texturing.

Fantastic Sams does not only offer services but also gladly introduce some products that are very useful to keep your hair healthy and good looking. Fantastic Sams Shampoo is one of the best Shampoos in the market that is available at all Fantastic Sams franchises at reasonable price. The current launch of it is Papaya that is enrich with pro-vitamins, soy protein and silicone

Fantastic Sams has good offer for its customers in the form of coupons. These coupons are introduce online, on T.V, radio or by news papers. Each franchise introduces their own Fantastic Sams Coupons Printable. You can get service at discount only from that franchise that has issued this coupon.

New promotions and products are also introduced through Facebook as Fantastic Sams has their own page where you can post your questions and can get their replies.


Churidar Suits in Monsoon

Outing in monsoons is dreadful because roads are full of mud, of course water puddles are nearly everywhere. Because of this these climatic circumstances the danger of getting the clothes getting dirty become high. Cloudy days often invite one to spend the day outside with family but mud here and there makes it impossible.

It is human nature to enjoy the in any circumstances and it is only possible to tackle the monsoons with dress.Churidar Suits are one of the best Indian wears that have ability to deal with the effects of the monsoon. If we compare Churidar Suits with its cousin Salwar Kameez , it is tight fitting that suits the conditions. Although Kammez does not create too much difference in Salwar Kameez and Churidar Suits, actual difference is in the bottom part that matters. Salwar Kameez is loose and is of baggy style but Churidar Suit is tight fitting with many folds on the lower part of the legs.

Because of body fitting quality it is very comfortable to move in the bad weather conditions by wearing Churidar suits instead of Salwar Kameez. The Kammez in Salwar Kammez is usually recommended short whereas in case of Churidar Suits long Kammez is preferred. We can say that the terms salwar Kameez and Churidar Suits are used interchangeably. Therefore before shopping first confirm the difference.